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One of the most precious assets in our company is the people!

Rafael Jiménez Jurado –  General Director and co-founder of Europe Connexion. He holds an advanced degree in Administration and Finance and he has long term experience as a logistics and project manager. Having worked more than 10 years in those international projects he has gained more than sufficient knowledge and experience to obtain the most satisfactory outcomes of projects. He has the know-how necessary to bring value to all of our projects. Part of Rafael´s responsibilities involves: Human Resources, Logistic management as well as Project management.


Anna Maria Serafin– General Director and co-founder of Europe Connexion. She holds two bachelor’s degrees: English Philology and Tourism as well as a Master’s Degree in  International Tourism Management. She is an experienced and passionate Language Teacher She speaks Polish, Spanish, English, and French. Having experimented with her own positive benefits of an internship, her strong motivation is to provide this opportunity to as many young people as possible. Part of Anna´s responsibilities includes: Student Support, Spanish Course as well as Project management.




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