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Europe Connexion is a Spanish training agency, located in Córdoba, acting both as a sending and receiving intermediate organization for European mobility projects. 

We are a young and passionate team with more than 10 years of experience in working within such programs as: Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus Plus and POWER. 

This is a new venture for a group of people that are passionate about developing robust learning and training opportunities for young people not only from Córdoba but also from around Europe as well as the people that work with them to support their positive life transition.

We cooperate successfully with a vast array of different institutions such as: 

– Big, medium and small enterprises

– Schools

– Universities

– VET centers

– Business incubators

– Associations

– Chamber of Commerce

– Industrial organizations

– NGOs.

We are an active agency, always seeking new public and private entities hence we could provide the best professional experience for both students and staff members.

From our perspective, mobility is much more than only logistics, it is: building bridges between countries, creating special connections, becoming a family, promoting good practices, living life-long and life-changing experience, broadening the cultural horizons.

Our aim is to help youths and adults to boost their opportunities for the labour market through the high standard work experience during their training. We believe that thanks to international mobility both students and staff members gain valuable life-skills and multicultural experience that help them to develop personally, professionally and academically. Therefore, we endeavour to develop training programmes that fully meet the participants´ educational and professional needs. 

Our mission is to give optimal support and top-quality service to every single project. It is crucial for us to maintain a trustworthy partnership by building a strong relationship with our partners. Without any doubt, the level of service and this personal connection that we offer, are some of the very reasons why they continue to work with us. 





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